The Historical City of Melaka


Up for a historical tour? Dive into the historical wonders of Melaka City, one of UNESCO’s certified World Heritage Sites in Malaysia.

Journeying through Melaka City will introduce you to the narrative that this city preserves from a few hundred years back; glorious conservation and preservation of the imprints from the past. Touring around the state will give you a well-documented experience that you can never encounter in other states of Malaysia.

Melaka City is located in the state of Melaka, about 125 kilometres away from Kuala Lumpur. The city is often swamped by numerous tourists of different races and nationalities. For centuries, notable historical sites like St. Paul’s Church, Christ Church, and Stadthuys remain as the must-visit tourist spots in the city; offering an illustrious portrayal of every detail chronicled in each monument. The architectural styles of the buildings are also incorporated with colonial features, making them huge possible attractions for all photo-enthusiasts to flaunt your photography skills.

Besides being historically significant, Melaka is also gastronomic heaven for foodies. Entice yourself and enjoy the various mouthwatering choices of local street food to satisfy your appetite. A gentle reminder for visitors; be prepared to embrace Melaka’s tropical weather by wearing proper attire. Don’t forget to bring along your shades, umbrella and apply some sunscreen on to protect yourself from the blazing sunlight.

“…the must-visit tourist spots in the city; offering an illustrious portrayal of every detail chronicled in each monument.”


Located in Chinatown centre, Jonker Street is a perfect place for you to do some light shopping, as well as to dine and to experience the nightlife of Melaka. It is also the best spot to find convenient souvenir shops, art galleries, and antique stores. Spend a few hours walking down the street, and indulge yourself with the opportunity to be dazzled by exclusive choices of Melaka’s best offerings.


Bandar Hilir boasts some of the most well-known historical monuments in Melaka such as Stadthuys and St. Paul’s Church, beautifully outlined with refined architectural features of colonial traits. Compassing just within the area, you can also find the Maritime Museum and the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum for further exposure to the city’s wonderful history. These attractions are all located nearby, but if you simply can’t resist the heat, hop on a trishaw ride for another exclusive experience in Melaka.


Aside from being historically rich, Melaka is also famous for its Peranakan culture. The culture is varied and often viewed by the locals as a unique cultural blend of two ethnicities, Chinese and Malay. Different aspects of attributes are represented through Peranakan culture as it is infused from Victorian and Dutch influences. At Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, you get to learn the background of Peranakan culture and its origin, which can only be uniquely distinguished through various features like food, clothing, and architecture.

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