Pengkalan Balak


“Try Out a Unique Reflexology Path”


Lapped by the gentle waters of the Straits of Malacca, Pengkalan Balak Beach is perfect for a family getaway with a host of activities such as swimming, long walks by the beach, camping out or just enjoying the view of the sunset.

The stretch of beach here invites sun-seekers to sink their feet into its golden sands and tiny pebbles. As they say, walking barefoot by the beach is a wonderful way to de-stress while enjoying the waves and the breeze. And what’s more, sand provides resistance and makes walking barefoot a great workout for the arches and leg muscles. Plus, sand acts as a natural exfoliant! So, kick off those sandals and sink your feet into the sand.

Pengkalan Balak Beach also offers tranquil views of fishing villages and lots of seafood restaurants. Speaking of which, the only real ‘problem’ with dining out in Pengkalan Balak is selecting from the enormous range of choices that are available! With its location along the coastline and proximity to fishing villages, seafood tops the chart with lip-smacking offerings. Pengkalan Balak is situated in the district of Alor Gajah, about 10 km from Masjid Tanah.

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