Sky Mirror


“Sky Mirror is a popular spot for taking amazing and unique Insta-worthy pictures. Located in Kuala Selangor, it is about 1.74 nautical miles off the coast of Jeram, a fishing village in Selangor. Dubbed as Malaysia’s “Salar de Uyuni”, similar to the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, this unique attraction drew thousands of visitors every year since its introduction in 2016.”


This secret island, created by sand bank, will only emerge during low tide for about three to four hours in the morning to produce a mesmerising mirror-like reflection of the sky. The magic happens when the tide in this area fixes precisely just an inch above the sand, resulting in an exceptional and astonishing mirror effect. The locals used to call it Sand Dollar Beach or Black Sand.

The island will only emerge for several days every month, which is during the 1st and the 15th of the month according to the Chinese lunar calendar, as well as a day before and after these dates. Sky Mirror is only accessible during low tide and you need to join a tour to visit the island.

Despite the miraculous sight offered by Sky Mirror, it is not as simple as snapping a photo upon spotting a picture-perfect view. It also requires careful observation of many factors, such as the weather, tides and waves. The best memories are sometimes made in the briefest moments. You can only stay there for about 45 to 60 minutes depending on the circumstances and conditions of the water, which will determine by your tour guide. The guided tour will take about four hours to complete.

At the sand bank, you will also get to see various interesting marine life, including soldier crabs, hermit crabs, sea anemones and bamboo clams.

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