Selangor Fruits Valley


If you’re still thinking of where to go this weekend with your families and friends, Selangor Fruits Valley (SFV) is the answer. A large tropical fruit farm complete with adoring animals and various interactive educational activities, SFV has everything for everyone

Welcome to Selangor Fruits Valley!

Located in Batang Berjuntai, Rawang, this extensive farm spreads across approximately 2,000 acres. In this vast area, you’ll find various fruit trees, an apiary, a rubber plantation, lakes, campsites, an orchid farm, a biking trail, herb gardens, and an agriculture-based research centre. The fresh air and peaceful environment make it possible to participate in an endless array of outdoor activities here.

Don’t miss out on feeding these adorable creatures at Deer Farm.

Aside from that, there are other attractions and available activities such as a mini petting zoo, deer farm, traditional houses, kelulut honey farm and even kayaking, to name a few. Due to its vast surrounding, visitors are able to use trams to enjoy their stroll while taking in the fresh air.

Get your camera ready to take pictures with the cute bunnies!

Speaking to the manager of SFV, Ms Nor Rashidah Mohamed Raihan, she also invites everyone to stop by one of the farm’s unique attractions, “We also have a Rumah Kampung in which the surrounding area is filled with a typical kampung ambience complete with a chicken coop. This is the best opportunity for children to experience what living in a village is like.” Just in front of the Rumah Kampung is a coconut stall where you can quench your thirst with a glass of fresh coconut water!

Experience authentic village life at SFV’s Rumah Kampung.
Their homegrown, juicy star fruit is a must-try!

Did you know that Malaysia is also known to be the biggest producer of star fruits, with SFV as the biggest star fruit farm not only in Malaysia, but also throughout the world? There are also 20 other types of fruits grown at SFV, including mangoes, rambutans, guavas, papayas, and Selangor’s own pineapple (a cross between the Selangor and Thai varieties).

When visiting SFV, you should also consider trying one of their famous hybrids, the Nangchem! Fruit hybrids are created through controlled speciation and cross-breeding of fruits, which simultaneously creates new varieties and cross-breeds. SFV’s Nangchem is a hybrid of nangka (jackfruit) and cempedak (jackfruit/breadfruit) and you can get it all year round! Nangchem also provides a much better taste and texture than cempedak so you’ll surely be astounded by how awesome this Nangchem is!

If you’re a fan of fruits of all kinds and you’re looking for reasonable prices, this place is just for you. So, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to explore Selangor’s biggest fruit farm and enjoy some fresh fruits while you’re here!

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