Timah Tasoh Lake


Timah Tasoh Lake is a man-made reservoir in the northernmost state of Perlis, about 17 km from Kangar, its state’s capital. Covering an area of 1,300 ha, it was constructed in 1987 and was completed in 1992 to serve as a water catchment area to the surrounding areas. Its name was derived from the two rivers that flow into the lake – Sungai Timah and Sungai Tasoh (sungai is river in Malay).

Timah Tasoh Lake beckons with beautiful views of the surrounding greenery and undulating hills that fringe the lake area. Besides being famous for its serenity and beautiful scenery, Timah Tasoh Lake also serves several purposes to Perlis, such as improving the irrigation system of the paddy fields, supplying water to the people of the state, and preventing floods in Perlis by functioning as a catchment area. It can hold about 35.3 million litres of water at any one time.

The lake area is a haven for hundreds of migratory birds that flock here during the winter season in the northern hemisphere. It boasts about 135 to 145 species of birds. The best time to see the migratory birds is from the months of October to March.

Timah Tasoh Lake has been declared as an important area for birds and biological diversity by the International Bird Life, a global partnership of conservation organisations. A bird sanctuary has also been set up to protect the habitat of migratory birds that flock here. Besides that, the lake has also been identified as a suitable site for fish breeding and other aquaculture projects.

Due to its serenity, Timah Tasoh Lake is indeed an ideal place to rest and relax, and to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are a few resorts around the lake for visitors to choose from, such as the Terinai Lakeview Resort and Tasoh Lake Resort, both offer scenic views of the lake.

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