Tempurung Cave


Estimated to be about 400 million years old, Tempurung Cave is one of the longest and largest cave in Peninsular Malaysia. Located in Gopeng, Perak, the cave is famous for its limestone formation. It is not only popular among spelunkers and caving enthusiasts, but also casual visitors and those who have no prior caving experience.

The magnificent cave is 4.5 km long; however, only 1.9 km of the cave are accessible to visitors, and there’s a 1.6 km long underground river flows through it. The cave is divided into five unique domes that boast different stalactites and stalagmites, water levels, marbles, limestone content and temperatures.

The biggest dome is the gorgeous Golden Flowstone Cavern that reached about 90 m in height and is known for its smooth stone cascade. Another dome is the 72-m high Alam Cavern. At the Tin Mine Cavern, you will be able to see some excavations left by earlier tin miners. The Gergasi Cavern contains a massive 15-m high column, while the Battlefield Cavern is where you can see fallen stalactites and rock formations on the floor, including one that was nicknamed the Fallen Warrior.

The limestone hills above the cave are called Gunung Tempurung and Gunung Gajah, which can be clearly seen from the North South Expressway.

Visitors can choose either the dry package tours or wet river adventure tours. For the dry tours, depending on the tour you choose, you will get to climb over 600 steps and see unique stalactites and stalagmites resembling animals and humans while making a pit stop at the Golden Flowstone.

The wet tours involve wading through the underground river, jumping, crawling through holes, and sliding down slippery stones. These adventurous and fun ranger-guided tours will take two to three hours to complete!

Tempurung Cave is the perfect place not only for adrenaline junkies, but also those who are interested in nature and adventure.

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