Tanjung Lobang Beach


“Engage in the Ideal Therapy Session”


Every once in a while, the stress of the city life gets to us. We often dream of escaping to a place that is quiet, tranquil and relaxing where we can enjoy life’s simple pleasures. One such place is Tanjung Lobang Beach in Sarawak.

Situated on the mainland in Miri, this is the perfect location for those who want a taste of the seaside without leaving the city. Also known as Brighton Beach, Tanjung Lobang Beach is famed for its stunning sunsets which evoke feelings of awe and admiration.

The unobstructed view and the long shoreline make it the perfect place for people to gather around, with cameras in hand to capture the beautiful moments as the sun sets into the horizon.

Tanjung Lobang Beach is popular among the locals and visitors alike. Tai chi exercise buffs, anglers, fitness enthusiasts and foodies frequent the area to enjoy the sights, sea breeze and definitely the variety of food! Just a short walk away is the seahorse lighthouse, which is an icon of Miri.

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