Rawa Island


“Known as the Maldives of Malaysia, the picturesque Rawa Island is a perfect destination to laze your stress away.”


Located 16 km off the coast of Mersing, Johor, the peaceful and tranquil Rawa Island boasts white sandy beaches, clear waters and scenic views. Owned by the Sultan of Johor, the small island is surrounded by colourful coral reefs and offers a wide variety of exciting water activities and jungle trekking adventure in its lush tropical forest.

Taking a refreshing swim in the clean and cool waters of Rawa Island is a must-do activity for every visitor. You can enjoy a more exhilarating way of diving into the water via the Rawa Slide, a fun giant slide that has become a popular attraction on the island.

Diving and snorkelling are also among the most popular activities here, as the protected marine sanctuary boasts various vibrant coral reefs and unique species of marine life. Besides that, you can also join an island hopping tour to visit the nearby islands, such as Harimau and Mensirip. The two islands are unique in their own ways and offer distinctive food experience.

Nature lovers wouldn’t want to miss the chance to hike up to the top of the hill to enjoy a panoramic view of the South China Sea and watch the sunset, as well as explore the flora and fauna there along the way. Since Rawa Island is just a small island, the trek will take less than 30 minutes and signages are available to lead you to the right trail.


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