Kedah’s Highest Peak, Mount Jerai


Malaysia’s highlands are known to be our tourists’ favourites, local and international alike. From its cool, breezy weather, scenic views, lush greenery, to various activities to partake in (shopping, hiking, fruit-picking, staycation, you name it!), our highlands have it all.

While most of our frequently-visited highlands in Peninsular Malaysia are situated in Pahang, we also have the lesser-known picturesque highland in the Northern region, with its very own strawberry farm, botanical park, and resort. Standing proud at 1,217 metres above sea level, let’s explore Kedah’s highest peak, the 550-million-years-old Mount Jerai.

A Relaxing Stay at the Jerai Hill Resort

Beautiful hydrangeas witnessing the breathtaking view of the paddy fields and the sea from the Jerai Hill Resort. Source: The Jerai Hill Resort’s Facebook.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and spend the night at the Jerai Hill Resort. The cool, misty weather offers comfort for visitors to either spend their time relaxing at the resort or explore nearby attractions.

Melt your stresses away with a rejuvenating dip at Alur Naga Waterfall. Source: Syed Alfandi Photography.

Not far from the resort, one can find the Alur Naga Waterfall through a visible jungle trek. A wondrous result of Mother Nature, Alur Naga Waterfall gives off a mysterious yet romantic atmosphere with its natural pool and a small cave behind the waterfall.

Fresh Produces from Jerai Hill Strawberry Farm

Heavily loaded fresh strawberries.

Jerai Hill Strawberry Farm started its operation back in late 2019. It all started when strawberry breeds imported from Egypt were brought in for a small agricultural experiment at Gunung Jerai in 2018. Following its success, the strawberry farm has thrived and produced a variety of goods.

Mouth-watering strawberries and marshmallow with chocolate toppings.

From its fresh strawberries, Jerai Hill Strawberry Farm expanded its products to pure strawberry popsicles, chocolate-covered strawberries, as well as scones with butter and freshly-produced strawberry jam. The scones, which come in three different flavours; original, mocha, and matcha, are also sold in air-tight containers for takeaway to ensure its freshness!

From left: colourful fittonias, cacti, and succulents available at Jerai Hill Strawberry Farm.

Due to the perfect climate, the farm also has its own nursery where visitors can purchase colourful cacti, flowers, succulents, fittonias (nerve plants), and many more. For the more conventional choice of souvenirs, Jerai Hill Strawberry Farm’s fridge magnets are the perfect memento to bring home.

How beautiful are these blossoming kalanchoes?

For more information on its operating hours and products, click here.

Photo credits to Jerai Hill Strawberry Farm’s Facebook.

Home of the Orchids, Gunung Jerai Botanical Park

Tiger orchids in full bloom. Source: Gunung Jerai Botanical Park’s Facebook.

Don’t miss out on visiting Malaysia’s largest orchid farm and witnessing the largest orchid in the world, the tiger orchid. Go on a once-in-a-lifetime stroll where your senses will be heightened from the sight of the various orchid species and their combined fragrances!

Initiated by Ooi Leng Sun Orchids Nursery and Laboratory and in collaboration with the Kedah State Development Corporation (PKNK) and the Jerai Hill Resort, Gunung Jerai Botanical Park allows its orchids to grow in their natural habitat, where visitors get to see these exotic flowers both on the ground and creeping on trees.

For more information on its operating hours and products, click here.

So, when you get the chance to hike up Mount Jerai, make sure to check these places off your list before you head back down!

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