Kampung Jubakar Pantai


“Listen to Nature’s Melody”


Rustic and idyllic, Kampung Jubakar Pantai is a small fishing village situated in Tumpat, Kelantan. Lapped by the waters of the South China Sea, the tranquil environment takes visitors away from the hustle and bustle of city life, to a laidback environment with swaying coconut trees, charming Malay houses, small fishing boats and modest stalls by the road. The calm waters of the beach is broken only by the ripples of fishing boats that return at dawn with their fresh catch.

Quaint and simple, Kampung Jubakar Pantai exudes a character of its own. Stretching out into the horizon, this beach is a fantastic spot to enjoy glorious views of the sunrise and sunset – a phenomenon that draws photographers and enthusiasts here in the early mornings and late evenings.

Kg. Jubakar Pantai is also known for its historical past. It is the site of the Jubakar Tin Bridge which was built by the British before the Second World War to transport tin. During the booming tin trade, the tin was transported from a place called Bukit Besi in Temangan to the freight ships at the port. The bridge has not been in use since the 1960s but the structure remains as a relic of Tumpat’s past.

An open secret of Kampung Jubakar Pantai is its astonishing variety of food. Foodies know that when it comes to eating out, Kelantan’s food is a complete game changer. Not only does the state have an incredibly long list of lip-smacking food but it also serves delicacies that you cannot find anywhere else in the country. Similarly, the district of Tumpat has its fair share of tempting delights. Before you leave, tickle your tastebuds with the local fare.

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