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Seremban, the state capital of Negeri Sembilan, might be overlooked by tourists. Not only the city has one of the oldest buildings with neoclassical architecture dating back to 1897 that you can explore in Seremban Heritage Trail, but there are plenty of attractions to be your idea of fun with families.

Masjid Sri Sendayan. Source: Twitter Amsyarnaif

The newly developed township, Bandar Sri Sendayan boasts a picturesque mosque, famously called ‘Taj Mahal’ Malaysia. With splendid architecture, it certainly something that should not be missed by Instagrammers!

Source: Facebook YAB Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan

Even Seremban Lake Garden is now getting attention for birdwatching, cycling and water-based recreational activities. The fact that Seremban is located near to the southern part of Kuala Lumpur, it is easily accessible by roads, and it is also close to Port Dickson, which is famous for its beach. But here are several attractions that we think you may enjoy to have fun-filled family days out in Seremban.

Mini ATV ride at Nabila Agrofarm Resort. Source: Facebook Nabila Agrofarm Resort


For those of you who are into outdoor activities, we highly recommend you to go to this underrated nature preserve in Malaysia. The tallest peak of Negeri Sembilan offers more than just breathtaking views, but also interesting folklores behind it.

However, be warned that the track is rather strenuous, so make sure to stretch out, wear proper hiking shoes and bring plenty of H20. Just like any other jungle track, you can spot various flora and faunas along the way. Do mind your steps as there are massive trees and large rocks aplenty as you ascend to the top of the hill. Legend has it that Hang Tuah once conquered this peak, in which his footprint is immortalised on one of the highest boulders on Gunung Datuk. So, be on the lookout for that!

This newly opened agro farm may be the right place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and located about a 15-minute drive from the Seremban city centre. From the equestrian, archery, cycling, mini all-terrain vehicle (ATV), trackless train and the petty zoo visit, your kids would love to roam around the place. The best part is no entry fee is charged unless you choose to try out the activities. The lush atmosphere with the background of the kampung setting brings about fresh air that would make you love to come again.

Kids may caress the animals and learn to care by feeding them with foods. The price for the activities is reasonable, for example, the trackless train, only cost you about RM5 for an adult and RM3 for a kid.

Alternatively, people also simply come to the café and enjoy a leisurely visit to the petting zoo. Nabila Agro Farm offers three daily visit packages with a minimum of 20 people including some refreshment. You may also book for camping, outdoor activities such as jungle trekking, ‘dusun’ race, hurdle track, match games and life survival package.

The tree houses. Source: Oh! Media Facebook


This lovely place is perfect for adrenaline junkies as they can enjoy hiking at Bukit Putus with provided lunch, rock climbing and get out with nature with an ATV ride or experience a 120-metre zipline and extreme swing. Expect to be taken to an extreme route across muddy, narrow, uneven terrain, rocky, climbing and downhill across up to 2.5 kilometres when you ride the ATV with provided safety jacket and helmet. There is also an opportunity for night walking in the jungle as you will learn to identify the trees as well as several tips to spot animal footprints and how to choose the suitable water to drink. The campsite can accommodate up to 120 people at one time.

Kampung JKIN Extreme Park which sits on the four hectares area also offers several different types of accommodation at affordable price. This includes the unique tree house, hobbit house, dormitory as well as chalets.

The real tree trunks are used as house pillars for the tree house. This tall, kampung house style is furnished with a bed and can accommodate up to eight people. The hobbit house, on the other hand, is a small house equipped with a bed, television, fan as well as toilet and is built for a maximum capacity of six people. There are also gazebos where you enjoy the relaxing nature sound of birds chirping.

The hobbit house. (Source: Facebook Kg JKIN Resort)

Other facilities available are a prayer room, barbecue and mini zoo. Visitors can also enjoy water activities with the families in the pool with naturally flow downhill from the nearby hill by riding a slide or brave the ‘monkey zip-line’ challenge. There is also a café that offers authentic dishes of Negeri Sembilan and Instagram worthy spot for Instagrammers.

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Lorong Seni Seremban or aptly known as Seremban Art Trail or Street Art Back Alley Re-enhancement started gaining interest from the Instagrammers alike. It is intended to beautify the back alleys as if to make it a safe route for pedestrians while highlighting the tourism products of Negeri Sembilan’s heritage.

For a starting point, you may start exploring either from Laman Seni at Jalan Dato’ Sheikh Ahmad (a five-minute walk from Seremban Railway Station) or Benteng Walk near Bazaar Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Sembilan (MAINS) (a 10-minute walk from Terminal One Bus Station). Scan the QR code to gain the e-map with about 30 location guides related to this wall and sculpture street arts.

Check out the murals portraying the mining of Sungei Ujong. Question. Did you know Seremban used to be known as Sungei Ujong? The mining activities in Sungei Ujong, which attracted the arrival of Arab and Chinese immigrants had led to British colonial intervention in government and tax collection.

(Source: Facebook Pesona Seremban)

Another interesting to note is the mural depiction of Sarjan Hassan, a native of Kampung Pantai Seremban, who was well-known as a patriot soldier of the Malay military unit in fighting communist from 1950 to 1953. His acts of exceptional bravery could be further explored at Negeri Sembilan State Museum and Army Museum in Port Dickson.

Benteng Walk. (Source:

Meanwhile, Benteng Walk was the first Street Market opened in the centre of Seremban city in June 1983. And now a variety of local foods available at Benteng Walk, which is now operational at Jalan Dato’ Abdul Rahman, every day from 5.30 p.m. until midnight.

Basically, many other recreational places could be your best spot to spent with your family in Seremban. This include Dataran Seremban, Taman Budaya Jalan Keliling, S2 City Park Seremban Dua, Green Park Sendayan and Hill Park Seremban 2 Height.

Head to Carboot Sale Bandar Seri Sendayan on Friday and Saturday or stop off at Food Court MM X Park Sendayan to have some food while listening to the buskers’ music. Seremban has everything for everyone!

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